300x - 5" x 3" Ziplock 4 Mil HEAVY DUTY Poly Reclosable Bags FDA USDA Clear Small

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These high quality heavy duty polyethylene bags are a a durable 4mil thickness.
They are USPS, Fedex and UPS approved, and meet USDA and FDA specifications for Food Grade bags.

The durable surface helps protect objects from Dirt, Water, and Dust making them perfect for storage.

The transparent bags makes them perfect for storage and organizing items.

Perfect for applications such as:
Small Parts
Nuts and Bolts
Screws and other fasteners.
Tiny Toys and game pieces.
And so many more options!

    Thickness Measurements:
    We measured several points throughout the bags:
    We found on average 4.75 Mils thickness, with the thinnest point about 4.25 Mils and the thickest 5.75 Mils.

    Product Highlights:

    5" x 3" Zip Lock 4-Mil Heavy Duty Poly Resealable Bags

        Heavy Duty Polyethylene.
        4Mil Durable Thickness.
        Meets USDA and FDA Specifications
        USPS, Fedex, UPS Approved.
        Perfect for storing small objects.
        Water, Dust, Dirt Resistant.