750 - Quart/Pint Paint Can Lid Clips Retainer Lock Safety Shipping Storage Metal

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Tom Thumb Retaining Clips - Quart/Pint
Known as some of the best because they have more effective gripping power and use less clips per can.
All while needing no special tools required.

How many do I need?
The recommended standard for shipping is as shown:
4 - clips required per Quart Can
4 - clips required per 1/2 Pint can


Product Highlights:

Easy to Install
No Tools Required for Installation.
More Gripping Power than other brands
Government Approved
Approved by most Shipping Companies

Approved by:
U.S. Government Agencies.

Recommended Quantity Per Can:
4 - Per Quart Can.
4 - Per Pint Can.

Installation Instructions:
They are easy to use. Three simple steps prepare your cans for safe shipment.
Step 1: Place the hook of the clip under the rim of the can.
Step 2: Using the thumb, roll it over and into the V of the lid.
Step 3: Press down firmly until it snaps tightly into position. Easy and ready to go safely and securely!