8 Gauge 8 AWG Firewall Grommet Bushing Amplifier/Speaker Install Accessories

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"The Perfect Firewall Grommet"

After years of Amplifier/Stereo installs, we had found that conventional Plastic Snap Grommets were fragile and would often break during install.
Or after a few years exposed to heat they would become brittle and split in half, leaving your Amplifier Power Cable chafing against the sharp sheet metal edges of your firewall.

We then started using Rubber Firewall Grommets, which seamed a little better, but found that just as the snap grommets; they would sometimes lead to annoying hissing air leaks in the cab of the vehicle.
As well as leak water into the cab during pressure washing, they just didn't provide enough seal.

And on many occasions if the Cable was ever nudged slightly, the rubber grommets would unknowingly pull right out of the firewall, leaving your cable once again exposed to the edge.

After many years we found our solution.

8 Gauge (8AWG)

  • Wire Size Range: 8 Gauge (8 AWG)
  • Wire Outside Diameter Range: 7/32" - 3/8" (5-10mm)
  • Thread Depth/Length: 1/4" (8mm)
  • Hole Size/Hole Saw/Drill Required: 3/4" (20mm)
  • Also Fits Wire Loom Sizes: 1/4"