Frownies Eye Gels Under Eye Eye Lid Anti Aging Moisturizer Fine Line Wrinkles

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Anti-aging Under Eye Treatment
Treatment for puffy bags under the eyes contains powerful anti-oxidants that help protect your skin.
With one 30 minute anti-aging treatment 100% of women testing Frownies eye gels saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.


How Eye Gels Work:
The weight of the anti-wrinkle patch smooths and softens the under eye area.
Frownies Eye Gels promote beauty and provide antioxidants to help fight free radical damage.
Natural ingredients ore good for the skin.


Frownies Eye Gels (3 Reusable Sets.)

How to Use:
The combination of Frownies' wrinkle treatment Eye Gel Patch and Immune Shield active vitamin E serum, will help improve the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and discoloration.
Use your first set of Eye Gels three nights in a row for 15 to 30 minutes, then use them once a week for best results.
Just before applying make-up for a special event is a good time to do a 30 minute treatment as well.
(Keep Gels moist with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray between usage)

How to apply Eye Gel Patches:

On clean skin apply Immune Shield to under eye and eye lid area with a light touch of the pad of one finger.

Next remove the eye patch tray from the foil packet.
Apply one patch to one under eye area adjusting it to cover the corner and under the eye.

Then apply the patch to the other eye area.

Once on the skin gently smooth out all the lines under the patch with the pad of your finger over top of the patch,
so all areas of the skin are affected by the active ingredients.

Leave on for 30 minutes.

You may use the treatment patch on the eye lid or around the mouth and lip area as well.
Use Frownies Immune Shield between treatments daily for best result.


How To Store:
Gently remove the patch and place back in the eye patch tray.
Re-wet the patch in the tray with FROWNIES Rose Water Toner Hydrator to extend the life of the patch,
place it in a sealed plastic bag and put in the refrigerator to use again.

The patch starts to dry and become brittle because the ingredients are the patch, they are being applied to the skin.
Re-wet the patch with Rose Water Hydrator between applications to keep it active for as many uses as you can before it dissolves.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Are the Eye Gels Reusable?
  • A: Yes we say 3 times but many women tell us they get five, 30 minuet treatments. Use Frownies Rose Water Hydrator to keep the patch moist between uses.
  • Q: How long do I leave the Eye Gel on?
  • A: 15-30 Minuets not longer than 30 minuets
  • Q: Can I leave Eye Gels on over night?
  • A: No they are a 30 minuet treatment.


Aqua, Natural moisturizing glycerin,Cactus collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin E,Arbutin, Aloe Vera,Hyaluronic Acid, Parfume( Essential Oil)

What these ingredients do:
Glycerin ,is a natural humuctant.
Cactus collagen is thought to boost the collagen and promote skin elasticity.
Vitamin C, helps build collagen.
Vitamin B3 niacin, increases circulation.
Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant to reduce oxidation damage on the skin.
Bear berry extract (Arbutin), is used to brighten skin.
Aloe vera, is absorbed into the skin and stimulates the fibroblasts to replicate themselves faster and it is these cells that produce the collagen and elastin fibers, so the skin becomes more elastic and less wrinkled.
Hyaluronic acid, Recognized as the most effective moisturizer ever discovered. Hyaluronic acid is such an excellent water reservoir, and ideal lubricant, that in skin care products it helps lead to a perceptible, and visible improvement in skin condition.