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Zalman ZM-MIC 1 Standalone Microphone Gaming/Chat3.5mm High Sensitivity Mic Clip

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Compact headphone microphone of excellent sound quality, ease of use, and sensitivity.
This Microphone allows you to Game, Chat, Stream, and Record all while using your high end Headphones.
Why settle for paying more for a lower quality headphone with a built in mic, when you can add a microphone to any High end/Professional Headphones.


Product Highlights:

  • High Sensitivity Headphone Mic.
  • 3 Mini Clips for Tidy Arrangement.
  • Attractive & Compact Design.
  • Clean Clip On Design.
  • Cable Length: 9.5' Feet (2.9 Meters.)



Further Specifications:

Sensitivity:  -40 ± 3dB
Impedance:  Max. 2.2 ㏀
Standard power supply:  2.0 V DC
Current consumption:  Max. 0.5 mA
Sensitivity reduction:   Within-3dB at 1.5V
Directivity: Omnidirectional
S/N:     More than 58dB
Plug type: 3.5mm Gold Plated
Cable Length: 9.5' Feet. (2.9 Meters.)



  • Clip the microphone onto the headphone cable as close to the mouth as possible.
  • Use the mini clips on the microphone cable to latch the microphone cable onto the headphone cable.
  • Insert the microphone jack into the Mic Input of the soundcard/audio input device.
  • Adjust the Mic Input Level in the soundcard’s software/audio input device.